Add Delivery Service To Your Business

How it works

We work with local stores so customers can shop your shelves using theirs smartphone or computer to order beer, wine, liquor, cigarettes or snack at the touch of a button.

Each store will choose the products they want to be listed from the sample inventory and we will offer on-site help to finish the data entries.

The store will receive notification from the app every time when an order is being made and paid for by the customer. Have the order packed and set aside. We will deliver the product for you in 45 minutes.


We will transfer the money to you via pre-set linked account at the end of each business day or each transaction as you wish.

Unlike some other delivery platforms, we DO NOT request percentage from any of your sale price. You will be paid the full price.

We DO NOT charge any fee from you as being part of the vendor group.


You will have the flexibility of adding/deleting products from the online inventory anytime you like without going through any complicated technical set-up. You can select to use your drivers.

You will never have to deal with the hassles of delivery, payment, and variety of fees or marketing cost. All you need to do is to give us a list of your products and receive your profit every day!

Cloudbase Marketplace: Be a part of the intelligent cloud system marketplace that helps you to sell your products analytically
Fast and Secure Servers. Daily backups and 100% uptime with fast bandwith
Add from thousands of products from the repository. Over 12 thousand products ready with images and descriptions
Your DASHBOARD with all the admin flexibility. Create your shop , maintain and deliver in 5 mile range of your store.
Track your orders from your dashboard and request payments.
Choose your payment method, direct bank transfer, debit card, stripe..

The Dashboard

Use the dashboard to maintain your store, learn your visitors, order history, store statistics and many more…

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